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Recapture your story and create a lasting gift that keeps on giving for you, your family and generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating professional video presentations that you can share with your loved ones, privately or to be screened at your special event. Your story is valuable and beautiful and deserves to be told.

Farewell your loved one by creating an elegant and emotive tribute to screen at the funeral and share with family and friends. They're also wonderful keepsakes!

The tributes are  beautifully designed with personalised titles and music to ensure that each tribute recaptures your loved one's individual nature and uniqueness.

We understand that this time is delicate and often there are many preparations required. We have a step-by-step system to help you organise the elements for the tribute and we facilitate the process by making it easy for you -   no need for external drives, USB sticks or DVDs.  

We create your tribute and upload it to Recapture's Vimeo channel so that you may easily screen at your service or  share with your loved ones  no matter where they may be!


  • 60-80 photos
  • 5-10 short videos
  • Titles
  • Music
  • Final video approximately 8 minutes
  • Video upload and storage for easy sharing

Price - $550

Get in touch and allow us to help you create your Life Celebration Tribute