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Recapture your story and create a lasting gift that keeps on giving for you, your family and generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating professional video presentations that you can share with your loved ones, privately or to be screened at your special event. Your story is valuable and beautiful and deserves to be told.

This package is quickly growing in demand. Our Year 6 Farewell videos commemorate the end of a beautiful phase, when young lives finish their journey through primary. Much like the school photographer, the videographer captures not only the student’s image but also their unique personalities, memories and aspirations.

The students respond to multiple key questions ranging from ‘What they want to be when they grow up’ to their best memories. The responses children give at this stage of their lives are priceless and they are guaranteed to provided giggles (or uncontrollable laughter!) at the year end graduation.

Get your school involved and see how you can organise a year end video that you and your child will cherish for years to come.

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