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Recapture your story and create a lasting gift that keeps on giving for you, your family and generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating professional video presentations that you can share with your loved ones, privately or to be screened at your special event. Your story is valuable and beautiful and deserves to be told.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage, but it’s not just the young teen who is going through a journey of sorts. In a sense, the Barmi is also a rite of passage for parents who are beginning the process of letting go: letting your child transition to adulthood and begin to accept responsibilities for their actions, to be more accountable as a member of their community.

Recapture Productions enables you to sit back and enjoy this special moment while we do all the work. We prepare an unforgettable presentation that will make your child shine on his/her special day. Your family and friends will also be moved when they see that you chose to highlight them in your milestone presentation.

Choose one of  the options below and create a legacy for your children (and their children) to enjoy for years to come.

I. Basic Barmi

  • personalised titles
  • 50-70 photos
  • 8-10 short videos
    6-8 minutes

II. Standard Barmi

  • personalised titles
  • 80-100 photos
  • 15-20 short videos
  • up to 6 personalised blessings
    8-10 minutes

III. Barmi Deluxe

  • custom theme (around the world in a Bar-Mitzvah, Deep Sea Barmi, Football Barmi, etc)
  • personalised titles
  • 80-100 photos
  • 15-20 short videos
  • up to 10 personalised blessings
    starting from $2800
    12-15 minutes

Contact us today and we will provide you with an outline to guide you in organising your photos/videos for this special occasion.