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Recapture your story and create a lasting gift that keeps on giving for you, your family and generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating professional video presentations that you can share with your loved ones, privately or to be screened at your special event. Your story is valuable and beautiful and deserves to be told.

I was born in Chile and when I was 7 years old my family was forced to seek refuge in Canada following the violence and appropriation of power by an illegitimate military regime. During the next 20 years my father would dream about returning to his homeland. Since it was too dangerous for him to visit, he would record audio tapes and videos of us to send back to our family. 

Eventually, my dad was able to fulfil his dream and in 1997 my parents moved back to Chile. Unfortunately the joy did not last as 5 years later he passed away as a result of the torture he had suffered when he was a political prisoner. When my father died I was living abroad and had just given birth to my first child, Yuval. I was waiting for my daughter to turn 3 months old so that she could fly and meet my dad. It was not to be.

 My children would never meet this great man who was so vital in the weaving of our own story.

It was then that I realised the importance of such a project and resolved to provide this service for others - keeping our stories alive. I would record other people’s stories until I was ready to collate all our home videos and cassettes and reconstruct dad's story and that’s how Recapture Productions was born.